Agenda- March 16, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm

Little Red Schoolhouse/Cobb Mountain Lions Club
15780 Bottle Rock Rd., Cobb, CA 95426



  • CALL TO ORDER (invitation to shut down cell phones; rules of participation)


  2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES from February 23, 2016
  4. PUBLIC and BOARD COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS (3 mins./individual)



  1. The Trees Project  – Brenda Quintero
  2. Cob Building on Cobb Mountain – Miguel Elliott of Living Earth Structures
  3. Lake Co. Broadband – Andy Nester and AT&T
  4. Orientation to the update of the Cobb Mountain Area Plan – Byron Turner  – Lake County Planning Dept –



  1. CAC Committees:
    1. Abatement monitoring (Karl Parker)
    2. Neighborhood Watch (Inez Wenckus)
    3. Emergency Communications (Jill Martin/Mel McMurrin)
    4. Relief Monitoring Committee
    5. Emergency Preparedness
    6. Hazard Mitigation


  1. Adjourn


Cobb Mountain Area Plan Update
First meeting of Cobb Area Council Working Group

Attendees: Glenneth, Ian, David,  Kelly, Kyle, Jo, Cathy, Bill, Cindy, David, Jessyca, Joan. Eliot

Topics listed by the group to consider for the update to the Cobb Mountain Area Plan including who will do further study and research::

  1. Survey – find out Who is here? Own or Rent? Plans for the Future? – HIre a professional survey company to do this – Kyle, Jessyca
  1. Fire Recovery – including possibilities of having the county assume control of fire damaged properties facing foreclosure, especially for park purposes. – Joan  
  1. SMART Goals and funding including much more specificity in the plan’s “Implementation Charts” especially to have specific timelines, not just “high/medium/low” priorities – ? noone
  1. Zoning – no “formula business”; focus on “Cobb Village” – Eliot  
  1. Historic/Cultural Resources – finding the people and stories that are here in the community – Jo, Cindy   
  1. Valuable Watersheds – Cindy (also Robert Stark and Larry Ray volunteered in their absence)
  1. Mercury Pollution – remaining from old mines – Ian   
  1. Cobb Community Center – Kyle, Kelly   
  1. PARKS! and recreation – especially focus on Boggs –  David (also Debbie Bloomquist)
  1. Geothermal Impacts – a focus of the 1989 plan, this continues to be pertinent, especially re quakes. – Jessyca, Joan (also Robert Stark)
  1. Economic Development – telecommunication infrastructure, integrate with Middletown, how to sustain the existing business community including short-term support during recovery years, potential monthly event at LRSH featuring different local businesses – Kelly, Eliot, Jessyca   
  1. Cobb Signature Events – Mountain biking; involving the business community – David, Glenneth
  1. Protecting the Viewshed – especially with all the views exposed now with trees gone; especially the ridge lines, significance of  “dark skies”  Jo, Eliot
  1. Local CC&R’s – find out what CC&Rs are current in the area and what their status is –??
  1. Cannabis – how will this affect the Cobb Area? especially re #13,  #11 and #6 – Bill
  1. Geothermal Resources – potential local uses (hot water) – ??   
  1. Affordable Housing – Kyle, Eliot  
  1. Health and Wellness – Statewide push for “Health in All Policies” (HiAP) – similar to environmental protection – Eliot    
  1. Funding Sources/Resources – Jessyca   
  1. Circulation – roads, trails, paths, connecting the community – Eliot

Lake County Broadband Solutions (LCBS)

“Concept Paper”


To build a combined, secure, wireless and fiber optic broadband solution covering virtually all of Lake County homes, businesses, schools, medical and government facilities. The service will provide competitive alternative high speed Internet connectivity providing up to 200 Mbps downstream and Internet phone service similar to what is currently provide by AT&T and Mediacom. (We would partner with an independent VOIP service provider) In all cases LCBS will be able to offer higher, symmetrical and asymmetrical, bi-directional speeds than AT&T and Mediacom currently offer at an attractive price versus performance.

In addition to Internet connectivity and phone service LCBS will also offer private secured networks for entities requiring their own secure high speed network or a Point to Point wireless connection that need high speed capabilities for both download and upload. (AT&T and Mediacom do not provide this service). LCBS will also provide  direct fiber connections to businesses as well as wireless connectivity to fiber networks in certain areas having multiple homes and businesses that otherwise may not be able to get reliable high speed Internet connectivity. These fiber networks will be tied into the overall very high speed wireless backbone that will be built to service local area networks covering virtually all of Lake County.

The LCBS wireless network could also be used as a backup emergency services network (OES) to support disasters such as the Valley and Clayton fires.  NEEDS further review and coordination with fire, police, sheriff, medical and other emergency support services, city and lake county officials. Based on review and state OES approval the network could be tied into the nationwide emergency services network First Net, through the OES office in Sacramento.

LCBS as proposed would be a Lake County service that will add to Lake County’s goal of being recognized as a broadband connected area attracting new businesses while provide existing businesses with a local controlled competitive service supporting their businesses growth and spur economic growth.


The service can provide subscribers with symmetrical service providing high speed data rates for both downstream and upstream service. All other providers in Lake County only offer asymmetrical services providing much slower upstream speeds than downstream speeds. Most businesses need high speed upstream for sending large amounts of information to other businesses. Hospitals are a good example of this. Providing this type of service would give LCBS the ability to provide higher speeds to subscribers then AT&T and Mediacom currently offers (Mediacom is offering an XStream service at much higher data rates but they are aiming this at home entertainment market which requires high download bandwidth and small upstream bandwidth.)


LCBS Network Wireless Backbone:

The backbone would start out delivering 1Gigabit across the network with the capability to expand to 100Gigabits in increments if and when needed.

To provide high speed access around Lake County a wireless network backbone will be installed to serve various subnetworks reaching specific areas services are to be provided. The subnetworks will then act as the node driving a mesh network to extend coverage and/or point to point (PtP) delivery of service to subscribers or as a bridge between two subnetworks. A preliminary review shows that the backbone would have a minimum of 8 hops and a maximum of 10. The number of hops is dependent on the tower space availability at each point in the network design and overall coverage that will be needed. Currently to it appears LCBS can interface to a fiber connection in Upper Lake thus this would be the origin point for the LCBS network that would broadcast directly to Mt. Konocti the backbone hub connection driving the rest of the network. A support center location would be established for controlling and monitoring the network, support services, administration and sales.

The current backbone paths would be:

  •         Path 1 – Upper Lake to Mt. Konocti. Approximately 15 miles
  •         Path 2 – Mt. Konocti to Lakeport approximately 7.25 miles
  •         Path 3 – Mt. Konocti to Lucerne approximately 8.5 miles
  •         Path 4 – Mt Konocti to Cobb Mt. approximately 11.6 miles
  •         Path 5 – Cobb to Middletown approximately 8.0 miles
  •         Path 6 – Cobb to Hidden Valley Lake approximately 8.6 miles
  •         Path 7 – Mt. Konocti to Clearlake approximately 9.5 miles
  •         Path 8 –  MT. Konocti – Clearlake Oaks approximately 6 miles

Order for installing paths may change depending tower space availability and priority changes for market coverage.

The Point to Point (PtP) paths of the backbone be deployed on 11Ghz licensed frequency using Mimosa carrier class products.

Each hop point could serve multiple subnets. Each subnet will be a node for serving mesh networks and/or PtP bridging solutions to complete coverage in a given area.  Subnets may also serve local fiber networks as well as private point to multipoint (PtMP) and point to point (PtP) private networks. For locations needing bandwidth greater than could be provided by a subnet they could be serviced directly from the backbone if they have line of sight (LOS) to one of the backbone hop locations,  can be serviced by a maximum of two hops or by fiber  if available in a given area.

In addition to a menu of standard connectivity services LCBS network will also offer Wi-Fi hot spots in areas that currently do not have this service and provide visitors and in some cases low cost housing areas with inexpensive high speed Internet services.

To add value to the network and build a stronger revenue stream LCBS will off Enterprise Networks for applications that include Education, Health Care, OES Backup, Agriculture and Vineyards to name a few. Currently applications for Education and Health Care are being defined for implementation as the first Enterprise Networks.

As the LCBS network grows additional business services will be added to primarily support the new and existing businesses expanding the revenue base while helping businesses with all their IT needs.

Proposed/Ideal Beta Connections: (Open for discussion)

  •         Sutter Hospital
  •         St. Helena, Clearlake
  •         Marymount California University
  •         55 First Street
  •         School District Administration Office
  •         City of Lakeport Office
  •         City of Clearlake Office
  •         Lake  County Economic Development Corp/Wine Association

Once Beta testing is complete full market roll out will commence.


Currently only two companies are servicing Lake County with high speed data, AT&T and Mediacom. (Hughes Net Satellite Service has some installations in Lake County but the service is pricey and not very reliable. Their prime business is in Maryland, Nevada, India and Germany thus areas like Lake County as well as other small areas only get token support). Neither AT&T nor Mediacom provide service to all areas and their emphasis is mainly on home users. They do have some business services but this is not their main market. AT&T does a better job than Mediacom for businesses. In order to get any service you have to be on their current network. They do not provide special networks and IT services needed for some businesses and bandwidth is controlled with a tiered pricing structure. Both have customer service problems to varying degrees.  Based on performance to date it is my opinion neither intend to expand their networks to cover other areas in need of high speed data services.


The wireless broadband companies are providing services in Lake County:

  1. Valley Internet,
  2. Digital Path,
  3. North Coast Internet,

Their presence is limited at best and services they offer are not of the quality or speeds that LCBS will be providing. They have been talking about expanding their services for approximately six years but to date have not. It is my opinion that they have not because of the cost to build out Lake County versus the market size which would not give them the return on investment they need to make money.

Development Team:

  •         Andy Nester; 10 years’ experience deploying wireless broadband solutions. BIO Available on request
  •         Terre Logsdon;
  •         Richard Addams
  •         Mark Rudiger, Owner, Lake County Website and Computer Repair; Has a technician certified in equipment that will be deployed.

Operating Team:

An operating team would also be established once the project is underway. This would consist of:

  •         Andy Nester, Business Advisor as needed until network is cash flow break even
  •         Terre Logsdon, Operations
  •         Marketing/Sales/ Admin support person
  •         IT/Support person
  •         Installation person(s)
  •         Installation backup support would be handled by Lake County Website and Computer

Repair on a contract basis used as needed.

  •         Richard Adams/Mimosa engineering support on a contract basis as  needed.

Action Plan:

  •         Form Lake County Broadband Solution Alliance (Formed; First Meeting 2/27/2017)
  •         Form Project Development Team (Formed 2/9/2017)
  •         Network preliminary design  
  •         Develop Business Plan
  •         Funding
  •         Business Plan implementation:

o   Establish agreement with fiber broadband supplier with connectivity in Upper Lake.

o   Tower space on Mt. Konocti

o   Tower space for other network backbone links

o   Set up Headend

o   Build network backbone (To be built in stages)

o   Start service to a handful of select key users and locations

o   Website

o   Marketing

o   Start selling services in areas as set up per plan

o   Bring to Cash Flow Breakeven

o   Expand network as needed


Installing this network and offering 21st century data services in a small rural county is the first step to growing, and diversify, the Lake County economic base. This service along with others support services currently available, and to be developed, would make Lake County an attractive place for developing new businesses as well as helping to recruit other businesses to move to Lake County.

As indicated previously this is proposed as a Lake County Broadband Solution as the name implies. For this project to obtain funding, get implemented and become successful requires Lake County movers and shakers that want to see Lake County grow participating in all phases of the project. To support this a Lake County Broadband Solution Alliance has been formed consisting of 7 members that will work together to help get the project funded, bring it to fruition and oversee LCBS on an ongoing basis. Members are:

  1.       Jack Buell, Alliance Chair (Sutter Hospital Admin Director, President Chamber)
  2.       Andy Nester (Owner Biz Strategies, Inc.)
  3.       Michelle Scully (Deputy County Administrative Officer of Lake County)
  4.       Wilda Shock (President Lake County Economic Development Corporation)
  5.       Andy Lucas (Community Development Services)
  6.       Blaze King (Director IT Lake County Office of Education)
  7.       Bill and Pat Brunetti (Business Community)

This document is merely an overview. We are currently developing a business plan around this information.

For more information contact:

Andy Nester

Lake County Broadband Solutions