Cobb, CA – The Cobb Area Council has invited Mike Wink, Battalion Fire
Chief of the Northshore Fire Protection District in Lake County, to its
monthly meeting on Thursday, December 15 to announce the funding of two new
sirens following the September 2015 Valley Fire. The sirens are being paid
for by a grant from the Cobb Community Investment Committee, which is fully
funded by Calpine Corporation’s geothermal operations at The Geysers.

Previously, on September 15th, the board members of the newly formed Cobb
Area Council (CAC) graciously received $3,000 from the investment committee
to use as seed money for their coordinating efforts in helping to rebuild
the community after the disaster that burned 76,000 acres and displaced
1,300 people.

District 1 Supervisor Rob Brown, who sits on the Cobb Community Investment
Fund Committee said, “As a formal governmental body provided for under
California law, the Cobb Area Council will be an important conduit between
the public and the Board of Supervisors on the needs and issues affecting
the Cobb area or that have potential to.”

Danielle Matthews Seperas, Manager of Government & Community Affairs at the
Calpine Corporation, handles the Visitor Center and Calpine’s outreach
program in Lake County. She indicated that it is important to the company
to be able to support the coordinating work of the new Cobb Area Council
and do their part as a corporate member of the community.

The Cobb Area Council was established by unanimous resolution from the Lake
County Board of Supervisors in June to support and advise county, state and
other agencies on the specific needs of the communities in the
unincorporated area of Cobb Mountain. The area covered is bounded by
Highway 175 north of Socrates Mine Road, east by Big Canyon Road, north by
Red Hills Road and Highway 29, and west by the  Lake County line.

The Cobb Area Council holds public meetings every third Friday at the
Little Red Schoolhouse, at 15780 Bottle Rock Road in Cobb. On 12/15 they
will meet to discuss their plans for 2017. Every resident within the Cobb
area boundaries is invited to come and vote in person on the council’s
decisions. (See the Council’s website for details:

Eliot Hurwitz, the new Chair of the council, said, “We invite all residents
in the Cobb area to come and participate every month and in the committees.
Identifying and taking the next steps together will help all of us not only
recover from the wildfire disasters but also help develop our area in ways
that we have always envisioned for ourselves and aspire to.”

Mike Dunlap, Vice-President of the Cobb Mountain Lions Club, said, “As the
ongoing guardians of the Little Red School House, and having provided a
central and greatly needed venue for delivering local assistance services
in the aftermath of the Valley Fire, the Cobb Mountain Lions Club couldn’t
be happier to be able to host the Cobb Area Council meetings and be a
partner in rallying the community forward.”

Calpine also supports the Little Red Schoolhouse.

For more information:
Eliot Hurwitz
Chair, Cobb Area Council
Ph. 415-328-0731