Report to Lake County Board of Supervisors
Status of Hobergs Resort Cleanup

karl E. Parker, Cobb Abatement Monitoring Committee

August 8, 2017

Due to a personal matter that prevented Scott Schellinger from giving a report to the LC Board of Supervisors this morning, I was asked to fill in for Scott this morning and share what I know on the basis of information that has been provided by the Hobergs management. The information presented herein is current as of August 7, 2017.

This report is organized according to a set of questions Environmental Health Director Ray Ruminski sent to Scott Schellinger in an email dated July 24, 2017:

  • structural debris removal
    • This phase of the project is essentially complete
    • Over 65 loads have gone to the local landfill and over 20 loads to special dumping sites outside Lake County
    • Hobergs Historical Association and its mortgage holders have spent close to a million dollars to date getting the old resort site cleaned up.
  • soil sampling plan for final certification
    • Jakala Environmental Services (which did the specialized HAZMAT removal) referred Hobergs to SCHUTZE & Associates out of Fremont for final soil sampling and any additional clean up if needed.
    • A few weeks ago County Environmental Health Department and Air Quality Control reviewed the contract between Hobergs Historical association and the soil testing company SCHUTZE & Associates. After changes were made by those departments a final agreement was completed and signed. Testing results will be completed no later than August 24th.
    • If any additional clean-up is necessary pending the results, SCHUTZE & Associates is prepared to bring in Jakala Environmental Services to assist in order to ensure completion no later than the end of September.
    • The contractor believes the project is very manageable at this point, and is confident that goal for completion can be met.
  • concrete and masonry rubble
  • The plan is for all concrete to be removed from its current location, crushed on site and recycled for fill, road base, etc..
  • This work cannot be done until the soil testing and certification is complete.
  • logs and wood debris
  • Over 900 cords of firewood have been processed and taken off the property.
  • More than 155 loads of firewood were delivered to local residents at no charge.
  • Over 184,000 Board feet of trees have been moved off the property
  • 80% of all wood has been cleaned off the property and it will be 95% completed by October 15th – the last 5% will remain in piles that will be moved to the back section of the property for future processing
  • Local residents in the Cobb area have noticed and commented on the visible progress.
  • storm water management and erosion control preparation for fall of 2017
  • Munselle Civil Engineering from Healdsburg has been consulted and will be preparing the erosion control plan. The plan will be presented directly to the necessary County departments no later than September 15, 2017 for review and approval.
  • archeological work 
  • John Parker and a crew of helpers have completed their excavation under the remains of the old lodge building. Judging from images he’s shared on Facebook, a great many interesting and significant artifacts were uncovered and are now being processed at Ely Stage Stop. Dr. Parker also served as an observer and consultant during work around the archeologically sensitive site that exists on the property.

Everyone concerned with this project realizes the importance of getting the work completed this year so that it does not drag on into the rainy season.  At this point, Hobergs management states that they feel very confident that the clean-up efforts will be completed by October 15th and that the next couple of months will show a dramatic change in overall appearance of the property.