Abatement Monitoring Committee
Report to Cobb Area Council
January 19, 2017

The Committee has not met since our last report to the Cobb Area Council 12/15/16, due to the combination of holiday season and succession of storms which have severely curtailed work at Hobergs.

We have been in regular contact with Hobergs management, and today received the following update:


The last 3 weeks have been a difficult time for clean up due to the weather.  We were able to send out 4 loads to the landfill. Jakela, our hazardous waste contractors, cannot complete their work until it is dry enough to do so.  We need a window of about a week of dry weather before they can restart.  They are currently scheduled to be back on the job January 23.  While we can’t say for sure when they will be done, they are more than 50% completed and our goal is to have them done by mid February or shortly thereafter, weather permitting.

WOOD Processing & REMOVAL

Since the last report, we have delivered 22-1/2 cords of wood, at no charge, to area residents.  We moved an additional 4 truckloads of 52 cords off the property.


Our primary method of control is ground cover in the form of straw and heavier mulch (wood chips which we have generated on site).  We are also using straw wattles at inlets and baffling whenever possible to help control the flow of water.


Lake County Lumber has made it a priority to assist local homeowners with clearing dead and dangerous trees from their lots. Perhaps most importantly, we removed over twenty trees that were threatening the Woods family property; sadly, not before one of them crashed into the roof of Samantha’s mother’s new home.

Lake County Lumber with the assistance of Hobergs Historical Association has trucked out thousands of dead and dangerous trees. Many of those trees could potentially have created problems with the storms coming through the area.

We are happy to assist people of our community for free or nominal charge depending on the need for heavy equipment. Contact Lake County Lumber (888-869-1287)