Cobb Abatement Monitoring Committee members Jessica Pyska, Jessyca Lytle, Joshua Wood and Karl Parker met with Hobergs Development Director Scott Schellinger on November 29. It was great to see him after an extended absence!

Scott’s report was brief, but encouraging. They have made great progress in the cleanup of the main lodge building, in which more than half of the hazardous waste in the entire project is located. If all goes well, they anticipate completion of this site sometime next week. They have already shipped off six 40-yard containers (240 yards) of the hazardous material requiring specialized disposal in sites outside Lake County. At $8,000 per container, this part of the project is an expensive undertaking!

As soon as the contractor, Jakela Environmental Services, completes the HAZMAT removal, regular crews can move in and complete the cleanup of the building sites quickly. Scott expects that that part of the work will be accomplished soon, depending mainly on the weather.

As the debris removal proceeds, a new challenge emerges, which is the need to remove and dispose of hundreds of stumps that litter the site. The County landfill does not want to take them; it looks like the best solution will be to burn them, but this will require approval from the Air Quality Control Board.

The wood processing is proceeding at a vigorous pace. Since our last meeting, 28-1/2 cords of free wood have been delivered to local residents. Many new orders are coming in. And four loads of 13 cords each have been shipped by transport truck. Despite the steady stream of firewood leaving the site, the amount of wood remaining to be processed is a huge challenge. Among the solutions considered is chipping the wood and shipping the wood to an electric “co-generation” plant.

In our last report, we mentioned that local archeologist Dr. John Parker has been on-site, collecting and documenting artifacts that are being discovered during the debris-removal. It is hoped that at some future date these will be displayed at an on-site museum – for now they are being stored and processed at Ely Stage Stop. On Thursday, December 1, I stopped by Hobergs to document the progress outlined above, and was pleased to find Dr. Parker working away. He gave me a brief tour, some of which can be seen in the photos accompanying this report.

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Karl Parker, Cobb Abatement Monitoring Committee