After a couple of weeks’ delay caused mainly by rain storms, Cobb Abatement Monitoring Committee members Jessica Pyska, Jessyca Lytle, Glenneth Lambert and Karl Parker met with Hobergs General Manager Dan Nelson on November 8, 2016. (Hobergs Development Director Scott Schellinger was not present, but was expected to return to work the next day, after an extended absence due to travel and illness.)

Dan reported that the pace of work is picking up. They now have a work force of over 50 people on site. Jakela Environmental Services is now engaged in taking final samples on a couple of sites and waiting for the County staff to sign off on notifications and paperwork required for the work to proceed. Once those details are nailed down, Jakela will begin the specialized asbestos removal (@ sites with over 1% of friable asbestos). They could begin as early as 11/9/16 and estimate that they will be able to complete their part of the work in two weeks, focusing on areas of contamination in the remains of 39 structures. (As reported previously, Jakela Environmental Services has been working in the field of asbestos and other HAZMAT removal for 30 years. Anyone interested in learning more can go to their web site at

In the meantime, on-site crews have continued clearing the debris from sites containing no asbestos, and those containing less than 1%. 25 to 30 of these structures – mainly situated along the ridge at the back of the property — are now complete. As Jakela crews finish the more contaminated sites, Hobergs crews will move in and complete the work. This work will continue on the weekends, as they push to complete the entire project before heavy rains set in. This is critical as rain and mud can make it impossible to work. In addition, the extra weight induced by the water adds significantly to the dump fees, which already are significant.

Local archeologist John Parker has been on-site, collecting and documenting artifacts that are being discovered during the debris-removal. It is hoped that at some future date these will be displayed at an on-site museum.

The wood processing/removal project has increased output with the addition of extra equipment. They are now moving 45 to 50 cords per week. 130 to 140 loads of wood have been delivered to local residents, out of a total of 200 orders placed.

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Karl Parker, Cobb Abatement Monitoring Committee

PS – the photo depicts Dan Nelson showing Committee members the map of the Hobergs property, pointing out sites that have been completed, and those yet to be worked on.