This report is a compilation of information presented at the October 20, 2016 meeting of the Cobb Area Council, and an update provided by Hobergs General Manager Dan Nelson on October 25, 2016. (Hobergs Development Director Scott Schellinger has been laid up with pneumonia the last couple of weeks)

The most important development is that Hobergs has hired Jakela Environmental Services to handle the specialized asbestos removal. This company has been working with FACS (the company that did the testing and prepared the abatement plan approved by the County) on other projects. They have been working in the field of asbestos and other HAZMAT removal for 30 years. Anyone interested in learning more can go to their web site at Their plan is to begin when the rain lets up.

Here’s a summary of progress to date:

  • SITES CLEARED (as of 10/20/2016)
    • 24 Buildings Cleared
    • The two motel buildings are cleared.
    • 40 buildings/sites remaining
    • 23 forty-foot containers (as of 10/25/16)
    • Virtually all of the scrap metal is now gone.
  • debris removed.
    • Approx. 30 loads to dump as of (10/20/16)
    • 12 more trips to the dump with general debris (as of 10/25/16)
  • number of workers engaged
    • 12 HAZMAT-certified workers on-site, as well as 40 general laborers working mainly on the wood processing operation.  (Combination of paid employees/ and workers provided via CA Human Resource Grant)
  • days of operation
    • 7 days/week ? (lost 3 days due to rain last week; 2 this week so far)
  • status of permits
    • meeting 10/20/16 with FACS and Jakela Environmental Specialist (HAZMAT contractor) to prepare final notifications required for County
    • specialized HAZMAT debris removal @ contaminated sites (> 1% asbestos) will begin as soon as weather permits.
  • wood processing:
    • New equipment has Increased output to 7 – 12 Cords per day
    • FREE FIREWOOD – 32 deliveries in the last two weeks (approx. 170 orders to date)
    • 12.5 Cords shipped since 10/20/16

Obviously, the rainy weather has become a factor that has slowed progress quite a bit. However, to all appearances, the Hobergs management remains committed to maintaining momentum and bringing the project to completion as soon as possible. The Abatement Monitoring Committee continues to maintain regular contact with the Hobergs management, as well as County officials in order to support and encourage successful completion of the goal.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please post a note below or contact me at or 592-1649.

Karl Parker, Cobb Abatement Monitoring Committee

PS – the photos were taken 10/20/16 and give some idea of what’s been accomplished.