Minutes- June 9, 2016

Public Meeting to form a

Cobb Area Council (“CAC”)  

Thursday, June 9th, 6pm

Little Red Schoolhouse

15780 Bottle Rock Rd, Cobb

Called to order by meeting chair, Barbara Flynn at 6:04 pm.

(Approximately 61 people in attendance at call to order)

(Meeting notes taken by Jessyca Lytle)

  • inform all the residents of our intention to create a Cobb Area Council (“CAC”), a municipal advisory council as recognized by the State of California
  • describe the council, what it does, and the benefits we hope to gain for the area covered by the proposed Cobb Area Council Map
  • present the current process for creating this council, and
  • invite everyone attending to agree to the creation of the council and join with us in shaping the future of our community!

The agenda was organized so that fellow Cobb area residents could share everything that has been learned about municipal advisory councils and then the floor was opened to questions and discussion. Afterwards, a vote was held to receive the decision of the rest of our community. Next steps were reviewed that are needed to formalize the decision and ideas were received from the public for future consideration about where to begin making things right in our community after the Valley Fire disaster.  

  1. What a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) is (Eliot Hurwitz)
  • Municipal advisory councils (MAC) were established by state law.
  • MAC advises County Board of Supervisors, but also can establish relationships with other state agencies, nonprofit and other organizations.
  • Creates a new political voice for our community and creates a formal structure to hear, view and receive information and consider it in regards to our communities’ needs.
  • Anybody who lives in the area can vote in decision making process.
  • We can do preprocessing and can present as a group at large to board of supervisors
  • Can also be a step toward incorporation if that is what is desired by the community
  • Examples of Local MAC’s: MATH, Hopland
  • Next step – resolution to be passed by the board of supervisors
  1. Proposed Cobb Area Council Map (Jessyca Lytle; this portion of meeting notes taken by Magdalena Valderrama)
  • Initial council planning group developed the boundaries based on the Cobb Area Plan (last updated by the County in1989).
  • Proposed northmost boundary: Red Hills Rd/Hwy29, cutting across Harrington Flat, includes up on the mountain, westernmost point at Sonoma County line/geysers; proposed southmost District 5 boundaries by Middletown (because there are some few areas often forgotten, like Anderson Springs); coming up on the east side, further to the Perini Cutoff i.e., lowest point of Loch Lomond, then northernmost again.
  • For infrastructure purposes, Cobb Water is doing the consolidation with the state and we need to include folks, especially because of long term recovery needs
  • Consulted the bear and water maps, (5 or 6), at the CalPine Community Investment and Mitigation Fund, to include our unique needs at this point in time.
  • Boundaries can be expanded or reduced, are not set in stone, we just have to go through an approval process.
  • Proposed boundaries just to start, and covers the greatest need area, businesses and communities.
  • Jessyca has been here since she was a child, helped distribution donation for the fire plus a lot more.
  1. Review of Draft Resolution for the Board of Supervisors (Jessica Pyska)

Jessica read through each section of the draft resolution and explained the thinking behind each. Copies of the draft resolution were provided to attendees to follow along with, and questions were taken.  Sections of the draft resolution refer to different area plans; acknowledge the diversity of our community, duties of the council, and general long term goals.

  1. Introductions of Proposed Panel members for the Initial Council
  • Eliot Hurwitz  (Loch Lomond resident)
  • Gary Prather  (Loch Lomond resident)
  • Barbara Sprague Flynn (Cobb resident)
  • Jessyca Lytle  (Cobb Area resident)
  • Jessica  Pyska  (Cobb resident)
  • Beau Moore (Cobb Area resident)  Alternate


Ques – Budget?

Resp – Board of Supervisors to determine budget; noted: Mendo County provides their MACs $3,000 each; we would use money for communications to our residents and technical studies

Ques – Emergency Alert System?

Ques – Council boundaries, why not Harbin and Anderson Springs

Resp – Chose to not include because they have traditionally been more represented by MATH (Middletown Area Town Hall).

General Resp – the CAC will focus on basic services needs in general but now even more so post fire

Ques – Can see why we are looking to do this. This has to be done carefully – worried about freedoms involved that can be lost due to increased regulation and taxes.

Response – This is the people’s panel; a community group to advise the supervisors; tell them we need sheriff services too.

Response –This is an advisory council; it can only advise BOS, not create taxes or regulations

Ques – “Duties 1) Item f.  Implementation of Cobb Corridor”, what is that?

Response – a goal in the future to work toward in terms of a proposed project in the future

Ques / comment – Patrisha O’ Sullivan, from New Zealand originally, newly returned to the area – has experience in planning – congrats to us for doing a fantastic job in giving our community a voice

Ques – Who has been speaking for our community?

Resp – Middletown Area Town Hall is supposed to include Cobb, but theirs is a much larger population and they have different concerns

Ques – What do you do when you have a difference of opinion?

Resp – If difference of opinion, C.A.C. must state that the difference exists, and then those who are in not in agreement are able to address BOS

Ques – Karl Parker filled with gratitude about this. You presented in clear/concise way; represents a lot of work. Welcomes opportunity to vote for proposed panel.

Ques – Concerned about BOS not funding us and that would prevent the resolution from passing

Resp – Funding is a separate issue; if BOS doesn’t provide any funding, we will still be duly constituted and can apply for/find funding elsewhere (government and nonprofit grants, bake sales etc.)

Ques – Is this for economic development or for recovery?

Resp – Basic to organizing ourselves; we will discuss the process for recovery plans after the general voting around the resolution

Ques – Concerned about funding due to gov mandates, etc. on how government funding can be spent; warned about Agenda 21

Community Vote

    • Kathleen Eckhart moves to approve; Karl Parker – seconds
    • VOTE: All in favor – unanimous and by acclamation!!!
    • At vote: 72 people present
  1. Activating the Council
  • BOS Approval Process
  • Next mtg will be an official mtg of C.A.C. once BOS approves resolution
  • Explain “ad hoc” committees – will start up after resolution approved
  1. Recovering from the disaster: Ad Hoc Committees, important dates, staying in communication

Ad Hoc Committees proposed

  1. Rebuild Advocacy (Ron  Haskett and Beau Moore heading up)
  2. Emergency Preparedness (Gary Prather heading up)
  3. Neighborhood Watch (Inez Wenckus heading up)

Ques – Get a siren in area for the next fire season?

Response – Must address that at June 23rd mtg to inform TASK force of concerns ASAP.

  1. Important dates:
  • June 23rd  6 pm: Valley Fire Task Force meeting in Middletown with State Senator McGuire, Assemblyman Bill Dodd, county supervisors, CalFire, and county departments and districts, Team Lake County; please come and voice concerns, needs that must be addressed, etc. They will be followed by the press, so this is an important time to come forward to bring up current and expected concerns
  • July 13th 6 pm: Habitat for Humanity Grant Opportunity meeting: Cobb Mountain Lions Club, 15870 Bottle Rock Rd., Cobb; pre-application process

ADJOURN:       7:13pm (about 45 minutes before the end, originally scheduled for 8:00pm)