Minutes- October 2016

Public Meeting
Thursday, October 20, 2016, 6:00-8:00pm
Little Red Schoolhouse/Cobb Mountain Lions Club
15780 Bottle Rock Rd., Cobb, CA 95426

Draft Minutes


  • Call to Order – 6:13 p.m. called to order by Eliot Hurwitz

CAC members present – Eliot, Gary, Jessyca L, Jessica P., and Cindy.  (Barbara absent)

Audience present – 32 people

  • Announcements

Mike Dunlap (Secretary -Cobb Mtn Lions club) – Oct 29th is the Cobb Mtn Lions Lobster Boil Fundraiser. Tickets are $55. Tickets in advance only. They can be purchased until this Tuesday. Food served will be lobster, veggies, and sausage.

  • Approval of Minutes from September 15th CAC meeting

Motion to approve – Jessica Pyska  Second –  Cindy Leonard

– All in favor –   motion passes

  • Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items (3mins./individual)
  • A newly formed county group –  Lake County Disaster Council was formed as, “an official advisory body to the County of Lake Board of Supervisors.  As an advisory body, the Disaster Council’s purpose is to lead ongoing efforts to improve preparedness countywide and provide oversight for critical disaster functions.”

The council is comprised of members of the board of supervisors, county directors and administrators, city managers, fire, police and sheriff’s office managers and the county’s emergency services manager. Meetings  are held quarterly.

  • Rob Brown stated – the meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Thurs at the Board of Supervisors on a quarterly basis. The Disaster Council meetings information will be posted on the Operations of Emergency Service  (OES )page in the future. The first meeting was held today and the main emphasis  was to discuss role of OES and Sheriffs, as well as the grants that have been applied for.
  • Eliot and Magdalena Hurwitz stated that they went to meeting and gave additional updates for the  CAC. They also had a road update discussion had with Scott DeLeon regarding road infrastructure projects in the Seigler Springs area.
  • Eliot further commented that he was happy to see the kind of coordination to organizations like CAC to keep us apprised of infrastructure work/projects being done.
  • The Disaster Council meeting is on Jan 19th @10am at the Board of Supervisors board room.
  • A proposal that Thursday Dec 22 there be a Christmas dinner at the Cobb Lions in coordination with Catholic charities. (suggested parties to consider in coordinating this? CAC, Tzui Tci, Cobb School?)
  • Team Lake County update – Magdalena Hurwitz stated that she has been to several meetings and she is concerned that the CAC may need to be aware of and/or  help in the advising of with TEAM Lake county to help move case work forward. Red Cross has given funds and resources, but TEAM Lake County still has approx. 400 people at level one in case management. There was a session open to the public for those in need of services of case management on Cobb and no one showed for the meeting. Funds were present at the meeting to give to those in need.  Magdalena suggests to put on agenda for next CAC meeting to set up a new adhoc committee to  advise and help with communication to allow people to be better served via case work through TEAM Lake county.
  • Cindy Leonard– Unclaimed raffle prizes left over from the Rebuild Expo in several months ago will be raffled off to all CAC members present tonight.


Vanity top – Carol Germenis

In-home paint consultation – Larry Ray

Bottle of wine – Denise Lindquist

Bottle of Wine – Cindy Leonard

Bottle of Wine – Jessica Pyska

Bottle of wine – Gary Prather

Bottle of Wine – Inez

Bottle of wine – Jim Ferrell

Bottle of wine – Eliot

Bottle of wine – Linda Ferrell

Drill – Dave Rogers

Bottle of wine – Mike Dunlap

Bottle of wine – Case Eddleman

Bottle of Wine – Jessyca Lytle

In-home paint consultation – Karl Parker

Bottle of wine – Todd Slate

  • Karl Parker – Lake Transit – Informing that the Pay your Pal program is available to help people lacking transportation get rides.  Announcing that this program exists.  (Get brochure with details from Karl)
  • Ben Murphy – ( Cobb Area Water District Manager) Announced several water district updates. Greenspan is turning in a plan for insurance. They are trying to get a grant for amount that the insurance can’t pay for.  The grant only covers tank, well rebuild costs.

Rate increase –  As time goes on and more people go back online the rates will start to go down again dependent on where you live.

Cobb Water District yard project –  only ¼ yard done in this project so far.

Overall – Out of the 256 homes lost on Cobb area water now there are now about 49 to 50 are back on again. In Adams Springs alone there are 77 hook ups total and only 2 have come back online.

  • General question regarding trees marked by county for removal.  Is the county not taking any more trees at this time?

Rob Brown updated –  All of the trees that say LC on them are pending. We are waiting on funding to get the go ahead to proceed and take them down.

  • Joan Moss – Makes a general statement – Isn’t it nice that it rained!! Smiles and “Yes” comments throughout were exclaimed in response
  • Presentation by Sasha Shempliner on “Airkrete insulation” (an innovative fire proof insulation product)

Airkrete Insulation  is a safe, biodegradable, energy efficient, fire and mold proof  spray insulation product

Sasha showed an informational  video  about the product and further explained its benefits. The video and/or link will be available for viewing on the CAC website. Sasha states that house fires can reach max temp in 20 minutes and then the remaining hour to two hours after  it starts to slow down. During studies of the product airkrete, measurements were taken of this process using thermal imaging camera to study it, and areas using it do not burn. In order for the fire to move it needs air. This insulation does not help with this. Aikrete seals the air out. It doesn’t melt because the melting temp is too high. Using this product is like an insurance policy in itself

This is a new product and many do not know about it yet. If insurance companies knew about it they probably would require it.

Some might be concerned about contractors using materials that are exactly the same as what was there when people lost their homes. Airkrete is applied like any spray foam insulation.

It’s economical with the same r value of expanded foam. Also it’s completely biodegradable. It’s made of 94% air and the rest magnesium oxide. It does not allow mold, or pests because it dries out what it comes in contact with.


Gary Prather – ques – Cost comparison compared to regular insulation? Answer:  It costs more than fiberglass but half the price of foam. The process to apply airkrete –  it is sprayed on and has a shaving cream texture. It’s light and it’s easier to pull wire through than fiberglass. It can’t be damaged by water even if there is a pipe leak.

Ques – Does the insurance industry recognize that this is a better product ? Answer: No. But  you would need to work with your individual insurance to inform them about the product and  inform them of its advantages.

Inez Wenckus – ques. Is netting needed when you apply it? Answer:  No netting needed; it is applied directly onto the sheetrock.

  • Sasha passed out information to individuals with further questions and welcomed anyone else with questions to contact him.
  • Decision/Approval Items– Authorizing opening of CAC Bank Account

Recently the CAC applied for community funds from CALPINE community investment fund and received $3,000 last month to use for seed money/start up costs. The funds that were applied for are restricted to – Costs for specific start up costs, i.e website domain and all other web fees, P.O. Box set up, LCD projector to project information at meetings, etc.

A vote is needed to approve establishing a bank account at Bank of the West, Clearlake Branch. Members of the council who will be approved as signers. Council Members: Eliot Hurwitz (chair), Gary Prather (Treasurer), and Jessyca Lytle (Secretary).

Motion to approve made by – Robert Stark     Second – Magdalena Hurwitz   – all in favor –   motion passes

It is a Free account.  All signers have to get to bank before the 28th.

Ques – Brought up by multiple members of the council regarding the pros and cons of non-profit status. Are we able to establish 501c3. This will be looked into and report out about findings will be given at next mtg.

    • Additional Ad in Report by Council Chair and Treasurer to update about website. Refered to  council member Jessica Pyska . She stated as well as submitted an invoice for web domain for the amount of $192.70. Jessica stated that she needs forwarded agendas and minutes for each month and finalized/approved bylaws so she can post them on the website. The website will be up and running soon – definitely by the next meeting.  The website is:   cobbareacouncil.org

Email to send info to be posted on the website: cobbareacouncil@gmail.com

  • Committee Reports
    • Emergency Preparedness (Gary Prather) Not as worried about fires at this point in the season. Be aware of erosion; make sure gutters are clean, etc.
      • Communications (Jill Martin)
      • Hazard Mitigation (Gary Prather) PG&E continuing to take down trees due to beetle killed trees. Chipping crews can be available to help get rid of the slash. The regular, ongoing chipping program has grant money for about 4 more weeks of chipping before they are done. The application is on the CAC Facebook site.

Cindy Leonard – added that Jim Harvey wants to inform people that this winter there will be a lot of fire and smoke due to the need to burn slash and wood from timber taken down as a result of the fire.

Magdalena Hurwitz suggested that the CAC be generally informed as to when it might be done.

Ques – What to do with logs left on property that have been cut by PG&E. Can we work on finding resources to work with the Cobb area residents to remove fell trees (potentially for firewood or milling) especially in residential areas? Gary Prather suggests an option would be to have CAC contact Brian Bottari with PG&E to see if there can be a way to resolve this.

    • Maps – Gary Prather. Gary stated he has noticed that someone is already working on map issues and telling those who provide mapping. Some errors have already been corrected on mapquest, so already some errors have already been corrected. Gary will continue to follow up on this as time goes on.
    • Resources – Robert Stark – It is at a point where the physical resources (in the ground) are just now are being arranged for financially and otherwise. Until then we will not know a lot of things until some of things thing start to go in the ground are being brought up to date.

OES division of drinking water emergency plan is being work on once a month by meeting and by individuals. The county is divided into 3 sections. Each section will have a captain and that captain during emergency times will go to OES headquarters and coordinate resources and staff needed in that area. Work is being done on creating ID cards for staff for each employee, detailing their agency, and an ID number that will be stored electronically for captains to access and activate during emergency times.

    • Rebuild Advocacy – Ron Haskett – (not present. Nothing reported)
    • Neighborhood Watch – Inez Wenckus – Call and let her know if anything comes up in your area. Had a couple of incidents where she got good responses/results from those involved in the watch.
    • Cobb Abatement Monitoring – Karl Parker – special report on Hobergs Resort Cleanup.

Karl Parker – presented a slide show and provided a detailed update (updates will be available in the future on the CAC website)

A Brief overview of report – more detailed report on Facebook page

Metal Cleanup

Metal  cleanup as of last week – they  moved 22  40’ truck containers of metal. Before and after pictures were shown of several areas of Hobergs Resort to show clean up progress. Approximately 30 loads have been taken to the dump.

Debris Removal

Removing debris along back ridgeline now from several different sites

Karl explained as a reminder of the complexity of the project that there are 3 categories of cleanup (general  debris cleanup without asbestos present, debris with <1% asbestos present, debris with > 1% asbestos present)

As of this morning 24 buildings have been cleared. The two motel buildings are cleared. 40 buildings/sites are remaining. The specialized HAZMAT debris removal @ contaminated sites (> 1% asbestos) will begin as soon as weather permits.

Question – Joan Moss – About how many had Greater than 1% (Karl will get exact info and get that to us)

Wood removal 

They are still working very hard on this. New equipment has increased output to 7 – 12 Cords per day.

Wood is still free to Cobb residents. They are also charging $225 for a cord of oak. They have so far delivered 160 cords locally.

Number of workers engaged

There are 12 HAZMAT-certified workers on-site, as well as 40 general laborers working mainly on the wood processing operation.  (Combination of paid employees/ and workers provided via CA Human Resource Grant)

Obviously, the rainy weather has become a factor that has slowed progress quite a bit. However, to all appearances, the Hobergs management remains committed to maintaining momentum and bringing the project to completion as soon as possible. The Abatement Monitoring Committee continues to maintain regular contact with the Hobergs management, as well as County officials in order to support and encourage successful completion of the goal.

Question – When was their original target date for completion?

Answer – Oct 15th but they have adjusted this until the end of the month if weather permits

Cobb Abatement Monitoring’s  Next Challenge – hazard trees (burnt or beetle killed trees).  Also, abatement/management of overgrowth of brush in previous burn areas with a focus on finding ways to engage vacant/absent land owners.

Items to put on agenda for next month

Suggestion to put tree removal on agenda to discuss specifically why Calpine fund for tree removal  has a requirement stating that it isn’t able to take down trees next to newly built houses.

CalRecycle – insurance claims collection, what company will be contracted to complete the process and what that process will look like.

Motion to adjorn meeting – Magdalena Hurwitz    Second –  Joan Moss

Adjorned 8:03 pm