Minutes- April 20, 2017 (DRAFT)


Thursday April 20, 2017, 6:00-8:00pm

Little Red Schoolhouse/Cobb Mountain Lions Club  15780 Bottle Rock Rd., Cobb, CA 95426

Agenda full agenda packet available at www.cobbareacouncil.org

1. CALL TO ORDER (invitation to shut down cell phones; rules of participation) 

Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm

Barbara announced change of agenda – AT&T will present first due to long travel time


Tappy Nelson has trees available for people who need them (ask Cindy what kind she has a list)

3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES from March 23, 2016 

Amendments read

Motion to approve amendments and mtg minutes -Cindy Leonard

2nd Ron Hasket


Last year’s taxes were $50

$2807.30 currently in bank account

5. PUBLIC and BOARD COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS (3 mins./individual) 

Cindy Leonard proposed an approval for purchase of an LCD projector for CAC meetings/purposes

We have been borrowing Cobb School’s projector to use so far.

Propose purchase and motion

2nd – Glenneth Lambert

All in favor

Motion passes unanimous

(Note – Has to be an agenda item to approve funds – table vote for next mtg when put on as agenda item?)

Marty Englander (Secretary and Treasurer)- South Lake Fire Safe Council – 

The chipping program is up and running as of this week. Currently having some funding challenges and working on more grant funding and community support. This year we are being more restrictive about the amount of chipping per person per time. Looking forward to working with CAC to coordinate in the future. Handed out Flyers for events

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day  Sat. May 6, 2017  from 10-2pm @ HVLA Campground. Free Admission.

Go on website southlakefiresafecouncil.org for more information

CAC board members asked her to come back to our mtgs in the future to give more information.

Cobb Mtn Lions report – Kyle Noble – ( ask her for details on her announcement)

Starting new classes at Little Red  – Yoga and Zumba classes

Remind all to continue to support the funding needed for the projects to be done at Little Red. There is a lot of work to be done.

6. Short reports from CAC Committees 

Abatement Monitoring Committee – Jessyca Lytle gave committee update for Karl Parker (attach Karls report). Barbara Flynn mentioned that her conversation with Karl  confirming that no rezoning or development can be done until the clean up on Hoberg’s property is done

Emergency Preparedness – Gary Prather– OES has a slideshow online of emergency preparedness to explain to community how you can plan for an emergency yourself as individuals and as a community– he recommends that we all take a look at that.

Barbara asked that we put a link to that OES slideshow on our website.

Cobb Area Plan Committee – Cindy Leonard announced the next mtg is Wed April 26th at the Little Red School House from 6-8 pm

7. Supervisor’s Comments/ Announcement re: State Road Funding deadlines 



8. COBB AREA STREET AND ROADS and mutual benefit districts – with County Public Works Director Scott DeLeon

Scott – Jeff used to be a friend of mine…Laughter. Made me out a to be lot smarter than I think I am on these matters. I came to talk about the bridge that already  came up in discussion tonight in Jeff’s presentation and also roads questions.

About the bridge – the reason why no definitive answer can be given is because he doesn’t think that this coordination of trying to find funding from CDBG funding is a solution to this problem.  We need to look at out of the box problem solving for this project.

Regarding water projects and road repair scheduling for neighborhoods with major repairs to water and roads in fire areas. Currently for Road repair – there is a deadline to get work done on roads. He has requested an extension of use of those funds. They don’t want to rebuild roads when water consolidation projects has to come in later, tearing up the roads.

Regarding the road paving done in Gifford Springs area: Scott – the county afforded ½ mil of funding for repaving of roads from Cal recycle. They destroyed the county roads during the clean up. Cal recycle offered $500,000 of asphalt repaving work. They told us to tell them what road to lay down asphalt overlay on and they will do it. The problem was there were not many roads that were in the shape to have asphalt overlay done on them. Most roads were much worse. You can’t do overlay on roads that are badly damaged. We had just enough to pave around Gifford Springs. A few days later we found out that County Special districts had a project in that area and had to dig up areas of that road. We worked closely with special district to minimize the damage with the water project on the newly paved roads. The decision to pave that area time was the best he could do at the time so that the Cal Recycle funding wouldn’t disappear because if it wasn’t used by a certain time they would lose the funding.

Rainbow bridge issue/project: What he wants to talk about and focus on is – zone of benefit. Process that county can do to define the zone by community and or network of roads within that zone an assessment gets done then and the majority of people approve the project then the county will approve the project.

Gave example of Chipawa South area in this county. They did a zone benefit, assessed themselves for their project and it ended up being $166 a year per resident and it would be paid off in 7 yrs.

Ques-( Cobb resident) – don’t your taxes pay for the roads?

Scott – There are ways in addition to help pay for projects needed. Specifically for non-county roads.

(Earthquake interruption at 7:25p.m. – all in audience felt it, were quiet for a quick second and then meeting reconvened)

Roads and bridges – that are public road, but non-county maintained. Who owns the bridge?(i.e. rainbow bridge) – each property in the subdivision has some ownership of bridge and road. Yet over time the public has perfected prescriptive right to use the road.

Scott looked on county GIS system and approx. 104 parcels in that subdivision (Cobb Estates). A zone of benefit could be created around that area. Project could vary and range from – fix existing bridge to replace a new bridge. Based on cost and scope of work. Process for zone benefit – meet and plan zone benefit, have an election, send out ballots, majority approval needed, then county would do the project(s). There is a process to it. (Brought and passed out handouts.)  If someone is interested in doing this – get a committee to focus on the project to do the research and the work. The county is happy to work on definition of project with that group.  Jeff talked about CDBG funds fed funds as possible funds but they have– NEPA requirements – these are problematic to comply with and take a lot of time. The bridges Public works repairs in the county using fed funds, it takes btwn 5-7 yrs from start to completion because of the environmental review process. It is arduous and overwhelming. Though fed funds are available they come with a lot of strings/chains attached. Scary thing- If you spend fed funds you are subject to an audit after 7yrs after the project, if not in compliance then you could be subject to returning the fed funds.

Ques – Jessyca L. – If project was approved and completed. Who would maintain the road/bridge in the future?

Scott – In zone benefit it can state responsibility of maintenance – in can be written into the zone benefit that the county would maintain the bridge.

Ques – Jessyca – Has that been done in the county before?

Scott – For roads before yes, but on a structure or a bridge before no.

Ques Cindy L. –If Rainbow Bridge did pursue a zone benefit what are number of parcels and cost per parcel.

Scott – In a handout – we did amounts from $50,000 to $200,000 and put in a chart of the possible costs. (add chart)

Ques – Is there a cap on loan amount?

Scott – It depends. If adding maintenance long-term to zone benefit then it would need to be set up for more money.

Suggestion: Post zone benefit explanation on website.  County website has zone of benefit explanation http://www.co.lake.ca.us/Government/Directory/Public_Works/Roads/Zones_of_Benefit.htm

Barabara F.– Could Calpine mitigation funds be used to help fund the repairs to Rainbow bridge?

She introduced in the room Danielle Matthews Seperas (Gov. and Community Affairs Mgr. with Calpine corp. -Geysers for our area

Danielle S.– Mitigation funds are dispersed by the county. That would be something to talk to Rob Brown about. The county is in control of those funds.

General Roads questions:

Ques – Glenneth Lambert – Roads in many areas are cracking above the golf course. Is there a plan for repair on that?

Scott – If county road yes. We are still looking at storm damage right now and there is a lot of work to be done.

Funding for roads is through the gas tax. Tax monies have been in decline over last few years.

Currently 2.2mil 16/17 fiscal year – with new bill when ultimately put into place projections are about 5.5mil for the year    Right now we can barely afford pothole patch.  Unmet needs in Lake are closer to $50 mil for roads right now.

Ques. – Joanna Saccato (check name spelling) – in Whispering Pines. Roads were not affected but part of neighborhood affected by fire. Road became worse because fire and clean up related. Commercial entities with trucks, equipment, etc.  affected/damaged the roads.

Scott: CDBG funds cannot be used for that situation. Paving 101 – Roads have pavement condition indexes (15% is a fail)

Joanne – roads are worse, property value is going down, etc . Maple Shadows road is closed too.

Scott  – call roads dept and get community to call when roads need repair and we will come to fix roads when we can

Scott – Maple Shadows Road will get fixed because it was storm damage.

Mary Prather – storm damage on roads existed before fires and this last winter storms. Does it only go back to roads recently damaged or does it go back to condition it was in before. Roads are damaged even more by not having as much routine work done on culverts, etc

Scott – We have to prioritize work on roads, and what we can do.

Jessyca L. – How are roads assessed in priority in the county?

Scott –It is based on traffic volume and speed of the road. Higher volume roads get more attention.

Mary P.– be a squeaky wheel too and call roads department at 263-2341

Joan M.– How much of taxes go to roads?

Scott – Property taxes (majority goes to state) a little under 1/10th of a percent goes to roads. Discretionary road tax funds come from gas tax.

Ques ( Cobb resident) – Bottle rock road – all trucks/equip. major traffic during fire and recovery. Why didn’t fed money go to fixing roads. Why didn’t FEMA fund repairs?

Scott- Fed funds don’t recognize road repair as a part of what they will fund for FEMA

Ques –( Cobb resident) – Aren’t there better types of patching material for filling a pothole?

Scott – Different types of patching. They are temporary. They serve a purpose but it is better than nothing.

Ques –( DeniseLindquist Husband) – is there anything I can do as a resident? Adopt a pothole, etc.

Scott – trying to think outside the box. Open to coming up with a program like that if we could make it work.

Comment – interesting how they saw agendas for the mtg and this week potholes were patched

Scott – We aren’t dumb…

Ques –( Cobb resident) – how much of money goes into staff or equipment?

Scott -Road funds go 100% into buying materials for road improvements.

Joanne – thank you for doin the best you can with wht you have

Scott – we are doing the best we can. This yr especially will be a struggle trying to recover from the storms – much of which was made worse by the fires

Ques about hazard trees along roads

Gary – if there are hazard trees in danger of falling on roads

Scott – Hazard tree mitigation project started in my dept. started with Lars Ewing. If you have a hazard tree in public right of way – call public services number.

Lars 262-1816 Public sevices number?


Barabara F.– recognized Sup Moke Simon District 1 County Supervisor  in the audience tonight.

Moke – thanked Scott for all of his hard work in this area. He stated he was happy to be a part of our meeting tonight.


9. Presentation from AT&T on Broadband and Cell Service in the Cobb Community 

Preston Dickenson – retired in 2007 but now working again in external affairs

Really don’t have a presentation wanted to do more of offering info and answering questions

Preston asked that the lonk to AT&T avail to be put on website

When they replaced the copper with fiber after the fire (to areas destroyed) – both services are distant sensitive – can only go so far from main areas – limitations of copper cable limits this

When replaced copper with fiber – at&t said lets provide service in areas that were not provided broadband before

600-1,000 homes after fire all of a sudden did have more access to fiber optics and broadband

At&T has no intentions of replacing any remaining copper with fiber optic lines

Stated website – look if service is available. If not sure still contact Preston directly or contact Jessyca because their still may be a possibility that it is available there if you were in an area or right next to an area that was affected by the fire where new lines were put in

Mike local engineer is able to look as well

Approx 10meg down and  2-3 up

Audience quest – can’t get phone line back after fire – how do I get that

If can not get landline back – contact me it should be able to happen – no reason why

Needs name, physical address

Cell service – audience – cell service used to get 5 bars before fire now only gets two

Preston asked if during fire tower went down – yes

Service is less

Audience – lots of dropped calls

Preston – He will find out why cell service has diminished and will communicate back with CAC

Susan Beldon -( Cobb resident) – had At&T and they said new fiber service was available in Summit – should have all new lines. 3 techs came out and said only dial up was available. The techs told her to go with Mediacom.

Preston – put name on sheet for those who are having issues and he will work on looking into why she was told that

Jessica Pyska – across the street from her and it says she has service on the website. So this is an instance where the online system says it is available but it isn’t

( Cobb resident) – on Bottle rock where does the distance go to for service? Preston not sure how far out it goes and said put name on list and he will look into it.

Preston – the service is not in a straight line,  the lines route different paths so it doesn’t always make sense the areas it goes. I’m not sure if there is a central office in Cobb for at&T.

Robert Stark –  there is a switching office in Cobb.

Preston – it may or may not feed out from there for fiber.  Not every central office is equipt with internet

Ques -( Cobb resident) – DSL service –  is it offered in Loch Lommond area

Preston not sure – enginneres gave him a rough understanding – that is why if you put name on the list he can look at it per address.

Mikki Canfield– mobile phone (ask her to detail her question to me)

Very little signal on cell and certain areas are black out areas.

Cell service – Preston checiking overall on service being decreased overall

( Cobb resident)  – son works for AtT said when they fixed the tower the techs did it in a rush and so there may have been changes to service since it had to be done so quickly

Quest – why isn’t att trying to compete for business with Mediacom where it does not provide service

Preston – Att is not going to spend 1 mil on infrastructure to area to provide 25-30 services. He just wants to make sure that if you can get it and want it, he will look at it to see if it is available to that area

Deployed only 5-6 services so far. Said he thought those areas were more vacation homes and maybe that is why.

Preston – be sure to state that you service in one place ( and state where that is) that the service has decreased and by how much. Change in bars compared to what it used to be.

Gary P.– My family owns the land with the tower and Att, Verizon and tmobile all use the tower. Verizon works perfect in Cobb valley and att is worse. Before the fire it was the opposite.

Joan – BOS are allowing a tower to go up near Staheli drive. It is good for emergency purposes. Were you aware of that?

Preston – last week fed gov selected att to construct a first responders network. Fed gov will construct interoperable that is specific to firast responders – which is import. It is a 25 year contract. In cal the state has to approve the plan first. It is very much in initial stages.

Barabara  any more quest

Preston – thank you for questions. I’d love to be able to give you all internet but it is att plans that determine that not mine.

Ques –( Cobb resident) – if I get offers from att on  phone/mail should I take it even though now sure yet. (Laughter …)

Preston directed her to check on the website – link will be on Cobbareacouncil.org

Jeff Lucas giving report for Rob Brown

Get slideshow to post on website

Been working with the state to access funds to provide homes

Another source of funds is the CDBG funds

Money is allocated to us but we have to apply project by project for the funds

Apply through the board of sup and then they approve it and then they send to the state

Here today to let you know about it

Monday May 9th 9:30 am formal mtg at BOS chambers to suggest projects for this funding

(ADD slides show)

Every year this money avail to small cities and counties in Cal

Each yr can apply for up to 2mil

Think of longer term projects as well for this

Hud has money and then states grant to small cities and counties

Eligibale activities in slide

Economic development in slides

Can pay for funds that provide public services

Can do business assistance 2% loans for small businesses

Technical assist money can do assessment of needs for various projects i.e. infrastructure like Lower lake fire was worse due to water system going down – doing assessment now to figure out needs to fix that

Three national objects

Urgent need – septic sewer project like Anderson springs  – urgent need because if don’t use funds for that then people can not rebuild there  1st priority for the county – 2.25 mil – it has an Aug 15th deadline to have funds confirmed and approved to meet home builders insurance deadlines

Also – working on seeing if avail to water consolidation project

Hazard tree removal – trying to see how funding can work for it – state doesn’t like the idea – they are pursuing anyway

Landfill – repair equipment used destroyed during clean up

Road repairs

In areas where low to moderate income neighborhoods are then we can use these funds for it. But problem is that it may only cover small areas but and not touch those around it. Trying to see how it may work  when doing roads projects

All applications need to be in by Sept 1, 2017 (also looking to get an extension)

Getting input and feedback from community to look at need and project ideas

Annual notice of funding avail for longer term projects each year.

Economic development (slide)

Example of other projects – Granzella’s (in Williams) when it burned down and they used CDBG money to do various loans and grants

CDBG Requirements (NEPA)

Whenever you use this money it increases the cost of labor because it uses S.F. prevailing wages

Go through bid process

Show citizen participation

Quest – 7.5mil how much is grants and how much is loan

Answer – all grants right now

If giving to a business it becomes a loan

Money is just for the fire related areas

Qures – upgrade all water lines due to fire sprinkler code. If that takes place after the roads are done then how do they fix the road after

Jeff – State and county discussing this – means coordination with water dist and consolidation project and with roads to coordinate it all.

Ques – can fire dist apply for loss of tax rev and or op costs

Jeff – no they wont let us use funds for that

If fire dept in a low mod house area that some cdbg funds can be used to purchase equipment

Ques – Jon Jennings – for road repair is there a criteria for type of road.

Jeff – State has funds for state roads. Has to use gap argument for financing

Jon – what about rainbow brdge washout the road is not a county road. County says private road. But it is a public road. County put bailey bridge. The bridge got washed out due to overuse of trucks doing cleanup that should not have been on that bridge

Jeff – has to be clear if that is public property and public use of it. If it is private that CDBG funds can’t be used on it. Many possibilities to try to make it work with the county so these funds can potentially be used.  County needs to participate to try to coordinate how it could be done so that CDBG funds could be used

Jon – an engineer came out from pub works. He thought that the bridge is a complex problem If built to code then it would be a two lane bridge on a one lane road. Estimated $250,000 dollars to replace.

Jeff – CDBG would require the bridge to come up to code if public funds were used.

It still may be something to look at as a possibility for this funding. One thing is that we are going after longer term funding as well

Mtn Lions announcements about new classes and

10. Adjourn   8:12 pm